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House Building Costs

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House Building costs can vary greatly depending on the efficiency of the design, the level of finishes, electrical specification, plumbing and heating specification, insulation, air tightness etc.

The cost range for a typical stand-alone two storey house to current building regulations depending on geographical location and efficiency of design will be of the order of:

  • Basic House Shell and Core with Builders Finish €80 - €120 per Sq.ft.

  • Add for Site Development Works 8 - 12%

The above costs exclude the following, some or all of which will need to be factored into the overall budget:

  • Planning & Professional Fees;

  • Site Acquisition Costs;

  • Legal Fees;

  • Kitchens, Wardrobes & Utility Fittings;

  • Floor Finishes;

  • Fireplaces & Cookers;

  • Appliances / White Goods /Light Fittings;

  • Security Alarm;

  • Landscaping;

  • Garage.

  • External Wall v Floor Area - Try to keep the amount of external wall area down! i.e. reduce recesses, overhangs, protrusions in the external wall.

  • Circulation Area - Try to keep hallways and landing sizes down.

  • Spend the money in the right areas - Consider whats important to you in terms of where the money is spent.

  • Frame options - Look at the options / consider timber frame.

  • Energy Costs - Consider heating bills / ESB bills in the design process (eg lighting, underfloor heating etc)

  • Design upfront - It is best to complete the design / select finishes upfront before the appointment of a builder. Changes throughout the build process can push up costs considerably (especially in the case of abortive work). An additional few weeks at design stage can make a huge difference in the long term.

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